Rad Dose v2.0

Welcome to Rad Dose, the geometrical alpha and beta radiation dosimetry code

Rad Dose is a modelling tool to simulate the dose of radiation from radionuclide-containing solids exposed by surrounding media. The current version includes the following features: Alpha and Beta dosimetry · Capablble of planar and spherical geometries · Single inputs for average decay energy · Multiple inputs for radionuclide entries · Multiple interfaces · Background Gamma · Report Download

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I am pleased to announce this project has now moved from a demonstration of what is possible in Version 1.0 to Version 2.0, thanks to the continued support of TRANSCEND

In the coming years (conditional on further funding) Rad Dose has the possibility to become a powerful industry-wide modelling tool. More details about proposed developments are available in the 'Developments' page

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